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Possible changes in Oregon’s Psychiatric Advance Directive Laws

May 22, 2018

I just found out about this hearing this evening. SB 16-A Engrossed is having a hearing tomorrow. The link to the bill is here.

SB 16-A Engrossed was originally designed to provide for advance care directives for people with dementia. The senior advocates are happy with this bill and the way that it passed out of the Senate.

Represenative Mitch Greenlick, want to amend SB 16-A to allow a person with a psychiatric advance directive who has an appointed representative (sometimes referred to as a power of attorney). I have been told that several people have tried to reason with Representative Greenlick that this doesn’t make sense for people who use psychiatric advance directives due to the abuse of forced treatment. However, Rep. Greenlick doesn’t appear to be listening to advocates. So we need to let him hear from us now.

The Dash A3 amendments are located here.

The hearing will be in Hearing Room D at the State Capitol.

Please email/call these legislators. It would be great if you could testify at this hearing.

Mitch Greenlick, Chair, rep.mitchgreenlick@state.or.us 503-986-1433
Chris Harker, Vice-Chair rep.chrisharker@state.or.us 503-586-1434
Ron Maurer, Vice-Chair, rep.ronmaurer@state.or.us 503-986-1403
Scott Bruun, rep.scottbruun@state.or.us 503-986-1437
Ben Cannon, rep.bencannon@state.or.us 503-986-1446
Michael Dembrow, rep.michaeldembrow@state.or.us 503-986-1445
Chris Garrett, rep.chrisgarrett@state.or.us 503-986-1438
Bill Kennemer, rep.billkennemer@state.or.us 503-986-1439
Tina Kotek, rep.tinakotek@state.or.us 503-986-1444
Jim Thompson, rep.jimthompson@state.or.us 503-986-1423


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