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New Visions of Mind and Crisis with Ed Knight and Will Hall

May 22, 2018

New Visions of Mind and Crisis with Ed Knight and Will Hall

Two spiritual practitioners diagnosed with schizophrenia ask, Is “mental illness” spiritual? How does trauma relate to enlightenment? What do Eastern religious traditions tell us about madness? Are there holistic treatment alternatives? Can we acknowledge spirit without romanticizing crisis?

Join us for a presentation and discussion to discover new perspectives in mental health.


Ed Knight is dually diagnosed with schizophrenia and alcoholism, the Steward of The Healing Circle, a Zen Peacemaker Circle, and a Senior in the Buddhist Zen Peacemaker Sangha. A widely recognized researcher and teacher in mental illness recovery and mutual support, Ed is Vice President of Recovery, Rehabilitation and Mutual Support at Valueoptions, as well as a mentor in the Prison Dharma Network.

Will Hall is diagnosed with schizophrenia and his advocacy work includes Portland Hearing Voices, Mental Disability Rights International, The Icarus Project, and hosts Madness Radio heard on KBOO FM. A longtime western Taoist meditator and yoga practitioner, Will is currently studying Process Oriented Psychology. Will was recently featured in the Newsweek magazine article “Listening to Madness.”

Tendremos una mini-presentacion en espanol para participantes hispanohablantes.

Wednesday, November 18th, 6 PM – 8:30 PM
Bamboo Grove Salon, 134 SE Taylor (on 2nd Avenue between SE Taylor and SE Salmon), Portland, Oregon

$8 – $15 donation (no one will be turned away) benefits Portland Hearing Voices. Physical mobility accessible; call with other access needs.

Info: Portland Hearing Voices 413 210 2803, portlandhearingvoices@gmail.com, www.portlandhearingvoices.net


This events is supported by Portland Hearing Voices, ValueOptions, the Mental Health Association of Portland, the Mental Health Association of Oregon, Portland Evolver, Portland Padmasambhava Buddhist Center, Process Work Center of Portland.

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